Aesthetics of living space


Working leisurely with pleasure


I’m Andriy Bulbach, designer and architect with a special look at ordinary things and 20 years experience in design residential and commercial real estate.


We create space for life, creativity and work

I believe that a home or an office is a space in which you should feel free and comfortable, energizing yourself for new accomplishments.

More functionality and light, more fun and nothing more. We create architecture and interiors that give you inspiration and confidence every day.


You are a personality. My job is to reflect this in architecture

The place where you live or work is your reflection. Space that fits your lifestyle, habits and character.

We offer thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing projects made of quality materials, in which everything will be the way you want.


We are a family of highly qualified specialists

Each of us is responsible for our part of the work. Together, we create projects that help our clients catch their breath

Since 2010 we have been building homes for Europe: Spain, Poland, Slovakia. During this time, we have learned how to create truly energy-efficient and comfortable housing.