Aesthetics of living space
Like in music, the beauty of architecture is the rhythm, proportions, correlation of shapes, colors and materials.


We study and take into account the experience of architects of past generations and draw on modern design methods


Architectural design in Kyiv

We design private homes and commercial properties.

We create architectural, structural and engineering projects. We develop project documentation and help to choose materials.

We work with typical and individual projects. At the stage of architectural planning you will see how your house or building will looks like in real life.


Architecture complements life and makes it better

We carry out projects considering the rose of winds, sides of the world, proportions and other important details in composition and architecture.


Our design experience for over 20 years

Considering the wishes of the customer, we study the environment, objects, tastes and lifestyle of future residents.

Our projects are a symbiosis of art and architecture

We take on projects, making sure that they are exclusive and successful. Why? Because we also want to get a great result!

When you'll drink coffee on the terrace of your house, you will understand that you made the right choice.