Aesthetics of living space
Decor items are the final detail of your home interior.


We create design elements of decoration that complement and accent the style of the interior.


Handmade design in Kiev

We create interior items.

In our spare time, we create handmade interior elements that successfully emphasize the individuality of the object.

We take into account a particular interior and figure out how we can complement it. Sometimes, one detail is enough to change the visual perception of the room for the better.


Simple and functional things

Collages, paintings, plaster products, bas-reliefs, handmade lamps. We are confident that the interior creates a décor: it emphasizes detail and gives a pleasant impression.


Complete the interior

We aren’t looking for references. We follow our own path when inventing decor elements. It just so happens that the simple thing, placed in the right place, completes the composition.

Details are important

Just look at it: with the usual solutions that are placed in unusual places, we’re able to convey the mood of the interior.

When you'll drink coffee and look at the details in your house, you will understand that you made the right choice.